Mission: To provide a resource for cemetery management and a forum for discussion of our religious views on the disposition of human remains.

1. Religious: Originally Friends were buried in orchards, gardens, and fields in plain planked coffins by their fellow Friends (Clarkson, Portraiture of Quakerism).  Today we have many different paths open to us - donation, cremation, hydrolysis, and burial.

2. Financial: We will explain how you can build an endowment without increasing the cost of a funeral. But, diverting substantial revenues to a cemetery does require hands on involvement.

3. Grounds Management: Here we examine practical issues such as subsidence, wall and monument maintenance, and green burial concerns.

4. Legal: With help from Funeral Consumers Alliance, which tracks the laws in all the states through its 80+ affiliates, we can link you to your state's laws.

5. Simple Funerals: This is the term funeral directors use when referring to Friends (mostly conservative) who do not use their services. While we have centuries of hands on experience, some meetings have joined with the home funeral movement (National Home Funeral Alliance), they have brought a fresh new life to our work.

We invite you to participate by sharing your experiences.

David Morrison, Coordinator,  dmorrison3091@aol.com
        -Guest lecturer in Funeral and Burial Law, Penn State Law School; Head Trustee, Lampeter and Cambridge Green Burial Grounds; Co-convener, Lancaster MM (PA) Care Group for Death and Dying; Member, Board of Directors, PA Cemetery Assn. (PACCFA).